Welcome to Atega London

We bring together the finest in stoneware craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, to produce high quality homeware and bespoke marble interior design services. We work exclusively with hard stone materials as the base material. Our craftsmen draw from generations of experience, using white, green and black marble, lapis lazuli, and granite. Our design team, based in London, UK, draw inspiration from a blend of classicism, contemporary design, and functionality. Our range of vases and other homeware items are all hand-made using the finest stone materials, blending artisanship with design excellence.

Black Marble

Get dark and moody with these stunning pieces.

White Marble

See Agra marble in its purest, most brilliant form.

Green Marble

These beautiful hand-crafted pure green marble pieces will add a touch of elegance.

The Pleat white vase is a hand-crafted pure white marble vase with stark black marble trim.

The Raye black vase is a hand-crafted pure black marble vase with stark white marble trim.

The Pleat green vase is a hand-crafted pure green marble vase with stark white marble trim.

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